Marko Waschke

visual artist



Marko Waschke is a London-based artist and designer, a film and prop maker, art director, lecturer, a BAFTA award-winning designer and hast just published his first graphic novel ‘WHAT’S YOUR SIN?’. He applies an extensive multi-disciplinary background in all aspects of film creation to a variety of artistic, educational and commercial projects, and has recently worked with Gemma Jackson (Game of Thrones) on  Guy Ritchie’s THE GENTLEMEN, with Jessica Hausner on LITTLE JOE (in Competition at Cannes Film Festival 2019), the British Library, the Barbican and the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism to name but a few. features Marko’s work as a specialist props designer and go-to supplier for cannabis props for the film and TV industries in the UK and EU.

Marko's highly intuitive and diverse art direction skill is evident across celebrity projects such as Dancing on Ice, Paris Hilton, Paul O'Grady and Take That, as well as myriad of film and television credits, including BROWN PAPER BAG (Best Short Film, BAFTA 2003), BOUNCER (Best Short Film nominee, BAFTA 2002), SAVING GRACE, SOUTH WEST 9 and LONDON ROAD.

Between 2011 and 2018, Marko held an Associate Lecturing post on the BA (Hons) Film Practice programme at London South Bank University and Since 2003 he has held, and continues to do so, the post of Associate Lecturer on three BA (Hons) programmes at the University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion.

The rich, fluidic nature of Marko's visual style embodies his experience as a performance artist and his advanced research into movement and story-telling conducted for his Master of Arts in Design and Media Arts (University of Westminster, UK) and Meisterdiplom in Communication Design (HBKSaar, Germany).

Marko continues to feed his creative appetite by exploring visual symbolism and the narrative of scenography, the significance of fantasy and mythology, and their application in the production of both magical realism and truthful, naturalistic worlds as it is evident in his recently published  graphic novel ‘Apeshit presents: WHAT’S YOUR SIN?’